Shocking little story behind the door

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Shocking little story behind the door




Sex dolls never refuse or fight back

"It's more than just a normal doll. She's only here to serve you.

On Valentine's Day, the Japanese adult product company opened its first pop-up shop in Hongdae,

west of Seoul.

Peeking, busy looking at cup-shaped sex toys in various colors and designs.

The store is decorated with light colors, not even a bit ambiguous.

Train employees to leave them alone, unless they ask for help,

they don't They talk. The store is closed on Sunday.

When he got it, it only took him two years to move on.

In order to avoid the hot weather,

he would dry the wind and put the plastic in a cool place or an air-conditioned room.

When he misses her, he blows at her.

Many news media have hyped up the story,

even the BBC and CNN interviewed him,

and he will carry a flat chested love doll with him.

There are many psychiatrists,

psychologists and therapists who want to study the degree of satisfaction he receives from inflatable dolls.

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