Our wet, taut tongues eventually met and Dee began to suck on mine. I got a smoky taste and I loved it. Almost immediately, I felt my thick cock stiffen and begin to rise in my shorts. I put my free hand over her face and caressed her soft, round cheeks gently as we kissed passionately.

"Mmhh!.. mmhhh..." Dee and I both panted as we broke the kiss for a second to catch our breath

I took the opportunity to lean to the side and take another peek at the parishioners in front. Satisfied that we were not being heard over the roar of the heavy rain falling outside, I pulled Dee's face to mine and began to kiss her with increasing passion. My wet lips ran over her soft, pouty ones and our tongues flicked out to tease each other.

"Mmmhhmm..." Dee moaned in my mouth when I raised my free hand and cupped her lovely, large breast.

I lifted her firm, round tit and gently traced the stiff nipples underneath the flimsy fabric of her dress. Dee locked her lips tighter around mine and I felt her breathing become noticeably fast. My hand travelled to her other breast and cupped it gently too. I flicked my thumb over her thick, large nipple which made a prominent point in her sheer dress. Dee was immensely turned on.

My ears were pricked to detect any sound of movement around us as we kissed sloppily but silently. Our tongues had already drenched in each other's taste. Our mouths worked hard to gain the upper hand but we were too turned on to yield the control to the other.

"Sshhh..." Dee hissed while we kissed when she felt my warm hand drop down to her soft, bare thighs.

"Baby..." Dee broke our kiss, and panting, she moaned desperately in my ear.





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