I moved four. She had seen it and she was looking at me with this mock-reproachful face that it so incredibly cute on young, beautiful women. "I told you you're not supposed to take a look," she giggled and blushed. "Why not?" I insisted. "You know why. That's the hole I use in the bathroom ... to poop." "I know, but I still think it's beautiful. And I didn't wanna look inside you. I just want to admire your butt. Do you have any idea how immaculate it is?!" "No, I've never seen it," she just said dryly. "Shall I take a picture?" I suggested. "Where's your phone?" Ngan sniffed, snorted, and then laughed. She was swaying her hips back and forth like a pony and locked back on herself again before she said: "It's over there. On the chest of drawers. Next to the dictionary." I took that as a 'yes' and got up to get it. When I got back to the bed, I sat down next to her butt and tossed her the phone so she could go through the apps and get it ready for a photo. While I was waiting, I started to caress her butt cheeks and pulled them apart. There it was: another center of the universe, beautifully framed by the most marvelous set of cheeks. Hidden and protected, guarded but emphasized as well. How the forms resembled each other! I kissed her butthole first and then I leaned in for her pussy. She twitched, laughed again and shivered. Her aroma was subtle yet beguiling. She was completely hairless back here, and her pussy was pretty dry outside. I pulled her lips open; how much I loved that nose! The leaves in the big tree outside were rustling, but these were the only two noises I could hear. Her vermillion flesh inside was moist and pumping ever so slightly. I licked once more and then let my fingertips circle her skin until she got goosebumps again. I raised my torso and extended my left hand to get the phone. "So, my little pony, let me shoot some pictures of your ass, huh?" "Well, as I haven't seen it ... I wanna know what exactly you find so beautiful about it." "Ngan, you are a super attractive woman. Of course, your butt is hot. And it's unique with it slim, longish cheeks, which hang quite low on your body," I laughed. I took three or four photos, the last of which from a lower angle. She was looking back on herself, waiting for the results. As much as I liked her butt, I was also curious about her reaction when she saw the photos. I slid closer to her head on my knees but when she saw my whipping dick, she reached for it and pulled it into her mouth. I dropped her phone onto the bed. The pictures could wait. As she was blowing me, I put her hair on the other die of her neck, before I reached for her butthole with my right hand. She moved a little closer to me, which allowed me to caress her pussy with my fingers. I pressed the top of my middle finger in her pussy and enjoyed the squeaking of her juicy honeypot. Now, she started moving her butt rhythmically. She got wet pretty quickly, and the photos didn't seem to matter anymore. I reached around her butt and pulled her towards the middle of the bed. My dick snapped out of her mouth, and I immediately positioned it at her pussy entrance. What was remarkable was that as I was still admiring the sight of my gorgeous pony here, she reached between her legs under her belly to adjust my glans. As soon as she felt it was in, she started to thrust her ass. Even though I wasn't moving at all, we were fucking again. Naturally, I didn't want her to stop and caressed her back and hips, as I was enjoying the view. She was panting pretty heavily, and the squeaky noisy of my dick in her pussy got louder, just like her moaning. I put my hands on her butt cheeks, next to our joined dick and pussy. 'Sometimes, dreams do come true' I was thinking to myself, while she uttered cute little yells along the lines of 'A!', 'A-ha', Aa-ha!' again, still thrusting on my dick. I had never been so quiet and passive; basically, she did all the work. She did it marvelously, though, and it seemed silly to even think about changing positions. I kneeled more erect now, so that my glans could touch her G-spot. She seemed to like it, as her screams were becoming louder and more forceful. I reached around her upper body and massaged her dangling titties. She still hadn't turned around; she seemed completely determined to make us come just rubbing her vagina on my dick. Not long after, I exploded in her for a second time. I could feel it was another respectable load, while she tossed her head back to scream. I lack the words to describe the sound of it. It was shrill and deep at the same time and came from the innermost bottom of her soul and body. Perhaps it was like a horse's orgasm. Now, she obviously stopped moving her ass but was still sitting on my dick, which was empty by now. I hugged her from behind and pulled her closer. When I nibbled on her earlobe, she laughed. "Phew, that was quite some work," she only said, panting. "But it was worth it, wasn't it?" When she lifted her butt, my dick slipped out, and when she turned to sit next to me, a long thread of cum and pussy juice extended down to the bed. She looked at my half-stiff dick on which was till some cum and, after I had moved closer, she took it in her mouth to suck it completely dry. I reached down to caress her breasts and put her hair behind her ears. When my dick was empty, she let it go, and we sat down to look of the photos of her ass. She smiled. "Well, if you say my butt is beautiful ..." "I've seen a few, yeah. Your skin is firm and smooth, and I simply like the shape of it. It also has the perfect size." She deleted one photo, which she felt was a duplicate and seemed to be thinking. "I wanna keep one or two of these, but I'll be in trouble if anyone ever finds them." "Just make a new folder so the thumbnail doesn't appear here. Couldn't you do that?" I wasn't an expert on cellphones. "Yeah, I'll do that, but not now." We looked at each other and kissed, and then I let my hand travel over her whole body one more time. "Well, you just saw your butt for the first time," I stated the obvious. "Ha! Yes," she laughed. "Did you give your boyfriend blowjobs, or was that the first time today that you had a dick in your mouth?" "My boyfriend and I had done that before." "Did he come in your mouth?" "Sometimes. Well, not often. Mostly, I had him come in my hand or on my T-shirt. Or a napkin." "Sex is fun, isn't it?" I asked her. "Yes, if you get what you'd been yearning for. Do you know, by the way, when I knew we definitely had to do it again?" she asked me and giggled. "When we saw each other last night in my classroom?" But somehow that seemed too obvious. "No, there was something before." I had to think for a moment. We had seen each other outside the bathroom on my floor on Sunday afternoon. She had been fixing her hair in the mirror, while I passed her to go and pee. "Well, two days ago I saw you outside the restroom. I just can't fathom what was erotic or sexy about that ..." "Remember what you did when you went in!" "I peed?" "Yes, of course." "And you found that titillating?" "Well, not exactly. But I heard the streaming, gushing water, which almost sounded like a horse. I remembered your dick and thought that I wanted to see it again. And hold it. And feel it inside me. In my pussy." "'Almost like a horse.' The way you kneeled here on the bed ten minutes ago reminded me of a horse too. But a small, beautiful pony, rather." She laughed, "See!" Two horses. A slim pony and a seasoned horse. I got up and put on my pants. What Ngan didn't know was that the urinal was broken and so the stream that she heard was the flush, which went straight down into the hole at the bottom of the porcelain, instead of along the walls. I always turned it on right away when someone was outside looking in the mirror or washing hands. And peed together with the flushing water. Well, now that I thought about it sounded impressive if one thought it was someone peeing. Like a horse. Quite. "I'll see you at work, won't I?" "Sure, around five." I didn't know if it was funny or a little sad that she had gotten turned on by a malfunctioning urinal. Should I tell her, though? Hell no. Why?! All that counted was that we finally did it again. Profusely.





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