I could barely breathe. About thirty minutes (or so) back in the office, Ethan had stared at me in a way that weakened my knees, but here he was, staring daggers at me. Fear clawed through me as I stood unmoved. I was completely naked to begin with and having my boss find me in such a crazy situation worsened the dryness in my throat. The only thing that might possibly save me from this man would be running out of his house, but then, he still stood at the doorway. Nope that would be stupid of me. My gown was lying on the ground in the living room and even if I made it out without my dress, I'd have to run butt naked in the streets, but... Ethan's gaze was intense and hard. The way his chest rose and fell proved one thing - he wasn't only hurt, he was mad at me. And no matter how many times he had cast me a flirty gaze in the past, it wouldn't matter. He just caught me hooking up with his wife. "Ethan..." Danielle said in a shaky voice as she pulled away from me and walked to her husband. "It's not what you... I can-" "Explain?" his eyes left mine and rested on his wife as he chuckled bitterly. "You can explain why you're naked with my employee?" "I'm so sorry..." the words barely left my lips before he thundered towards me and Danielle ran after him. I was forced to step back, covering my enormous boobs to keep the little dignity left in me. What did I think? That we would keep making out, fuck each other and not get caught? It was stupid. I was stupid. "I-I" my back touched the wall as he closed in. I have had arguments with women, gotten into street fights, beat a chick up even after fucking her man but having a man with such a tall build full of muscles turned my blood cold. What if he hit me out of anger? For all I know, he could as well kill me out of anger and bury me. Danielle would cover him and even if my roommate looked for me, it would be too late. Oh geez! What if it was Danielle's plan all along? What if they were just two crazy psychos that preyed on women and killed them off? I swallowed, shifted to the side to see Danielle crying like a teenager. "I didn't," a soft cry escaped my mouth. I tried looking sideways to find something, any weapon to wade him off but I found nothing. As if he read my thoughts, he closed in on me, capturing one of my legs between his, obviously to stop me from moving. Ethan's breath fanned my face and if it wasn't for his angry eyes, I would've melted under his gaze. "Please..." I cried again. Somehow, I wished I had a super power to make me disappear. Suddenly, he clutched my jaw and turned me to face him. His stare weakened me, his woodsy scent made me swallow hard and his height towering over made me feel small. "You," he drawled. His hand left my jaw, slid over to my hands over my boobs, pulled them away then rested his hand on my waist. "I knew there was something about you... the way you swung your ass. You're just a tease. A slut and you should be taught a lesson." He muttered before gliding his other hand over my right boob. I moaned as my nipple responded to his touch. The sudden desire and fear left my legs weak. We both held each other's gaze like we weren't in the presence of his wife. I tried to move my leg but he locked it tighter with his legs. He had other plans. "Danielle..." I whispered but she said nothing. I couldn't see what she was doing but hearing her sniff told me she was still crying. "Shh... Don't you want to fuck?" he taunted. "You wanted to fuck my wife right?" "No-" As I tried again to get away from him, he grabbed my waist and twisted me to face the wall. I wanted to scream but Ethan pushed me harder on the wall. "I always knew you were a slut." "Ethan," Danielle finally talked. "It's my fault." "Shut the hell up," he pulled my arms behind my back. "You'll fuck each other since you want it so bad." Danielle whimpered while struggled to breathe. This man was strong. Even with one hand clasped around my wrists, getting away from him proved a little too difficult for me. "Lock the doors, Danielle." Her footsteps echoed towards the door, while he pulled me off the wall to grab my breasts. "Unfortunately for you, it isn't only Danielle you'll be fucking." I tried to turn but it didn't help, it only made him flip me over his shoulder. I kicked, trashed and cried not because I was afraid of fucking Ethan, but his tone gave me a vibe I didn't like. What kind of a man would fuck a woman in front of his wife? My brain hadn't giving me an answer before Ethan stopped moving and slowly put me on the sofa, the same one Danielle and I had made out on. "Let me go," I slapped him across the face and tried to get up but he only pushed back. "If you don't behave, I'll have my friends over and we'll have a party on you." I stopped as fear surged through me. I have fucked men countless times, some a threesome but how many friends would he bring over if I didn't behave? "Please..." Danielle stood closely as she bit her nails and said. "Do whatever he says." "Now that I think of it," he cast me a smirk. "I'll cut the bullshit and fuck you. Danielle can watch and learn from the consequences of cheating on me." "Don't," I cried, tears flowing down my cheeks. "Danielle, help." No man ever forced himself on me. No man ever took me without my consent, and seeing a man I had once craved hold me in place like I was nothing but a rag of doll chilled my nerves and tingled me in places I didn't want reactions. "Sit," he looked over his shoulder as he spoke to his wife who obeyed without arguing. He locked my legs yet again in his and pulled off his suit and then shirt, revealing a tanned, muscled chest. I didn't bother to get up this time. It was over. I could as well let him fuck me the way he wanted and leave their house in peace. "Now, where were we?" he drawled. His tone mocked me as his hands grazed over my boobs, sending tickles all over my body. Ethan's hands were warm over my breast but then his other hand traced over to my tummy, my waist and then between my legs. I could already feel my juices wetting my slit and of course, Ethan dove in to confirm. "So slutty," he groaned. "Your pussy is soaked. I should eat it up, but now, I want my cock inside you." Do whatever he says. Danielle had said and that's what I'll do. She knew her husband well and knew what he was capable of doing. You've fucked a lot of men anyway, a small voice whispered in my mind. Ethan stared at me then found my clit. Most men would've fucked me silly by now but he was taking his time. His gaze was on my tits but he restrained himself from touching them. He rested one hand on my side and slowly slid his thumb over my pussy. I thought men were all about pounding the pussy hard but Ethan wanted to break me, his eyes told me. He wanted to break me to the point of spreading my legs and begging to be fucked hard. I turned my face away from him and saw Danielle watch us. She wasn't dressed yet; in fact she opened and closed her mouth as if she was out of breath. "Look at me," he growled, pulling my thoughts from his wife. He bent down just in time to envelop my lips in his and I melted right there and then. No man ever made me feel this way. Not even the ones I gave my pussy willingly. He pushed his tongue in and out of my mouth while both his hands left my side and pussy and found my boobs. Pinch and release, that was what he did to my nipples and they responded the way it should. He drove me nuts and I responded. I wanted to feel bad for enjoying this but his hands... they were fire on my tits. They wouldn't even cover my entire tits. After almost an eternity of locking lips with him, he pulled away, stood up and undid his trousers, all the while; his eyes were glued to my watery ones. Finally, he pulled his legs out of his trousers and then boxers and there I was staring at his member. I gasped. It wasn't just a dick it was monstrous with a bobbing cap straining to dive into me. I had never had something this big and somehow, a wave of fear washed over me. What if I can't take this man? I shut my eyes and thought of Danielle's words. Do what he says. It would be over soon. It's just a dick. "Look at me," he rested on me, slid his hand behind my back and pushed my crotch to meet his. "I want to gaze into your eyes while fuck you. I want to see your tears when my cock slides in. I want to see the look on your face when my seeds warm your insides." At the mention of him releasing inside me, I squirmed. "Ethan... no... please use a condom." "You don't tell me what to do," he said and with one swift move, he pressed into me without caution. I screamed in pain as something ripped in me. I wasn't some fucking virgin but having a man invade my tight little pussy stirred pain in me. Ethan pulled back and pressed into me again, but this time he pushed my crotch up to meet his. He was fast at first but then he slowed, sending sensations to my clit and every sensitive part of my body. "Fuck," he groaned but was serious about watching my reactions and by the looks of it, I satisfied him in every way he might have imagined. "You're so tight and wet. Fuck." His hungry eyes devoured me, his dick did too and pleasure spread from my abdomen to my clit which made my legs shake uncontrollably. Ethan wouldn't stop pushing my pussy to him, slow until he increased with his pace. I wouldn't dare look away as our flesh hitting each other echoed throughout the living room. Ethan clenched his teeth, shut his eyes and without warning, he plunged deeper into me as if searching for a treasure before resting his forehead on mine. My insides felt warm, but there was little I could do especially when Danielle was now standing over us smiling. Ethan got up, hugging his wife in a loving embrace. I wanted to shrink away. What is happening? Just in time, Ethan turned to look at me. "I had fun having you," he chuckled then returned his attention to Danielle. "Thanks to my wife." I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. "You should have your bath," Danielle said. "You're not leaving tonight. My blood boiled on hearing her voice. She knew all along. She was leading me on. "How could you." I got up, but tensed when I found a tripod and a camera a few feet away from where Ethan had fucked me. "Have you been recording this?" Danielle laughed. "Oh honey, like I said, go upstairs and have your bath. It's going to be a long night."





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